The DS Group has established and maintained its market leadership in the chewing tobacco segment with brands like ‘Baba’ and ‘Tulsi’. The Group got into the mouth freshener category with Tansen, which was later expanded by adding Rajnigandha – world’s largest selling premium Pan Masala and MeethaMaaza to the portfolio. The group added PaasPaas as another mouth freshener product.The DharampalSatyapal Charitable Trust (DSCT) &DharampalSatyapal Foundation (DSF) are the nodal bodies for identifying, designing and implementing the CSR programs for DS Group. CSR Policy of DS Group encompasses various sectors like  Education; Health Care; Livelihood Enhancement & Skill Development; Water & Sanitation; Environment Conservation and any relevant programs as per the need of communities for long term and sustainable impact. They had never funded Technical Skill Development Training program. A discussion was organized and they were explained the advantages to the society by providing Technical Training in RACW course to the youths from weaker section of the society. They were convinced that training in RACW domain will considerably uplift the status of the youths, their families and the surrounding area. It will also spread awareness among other youths in that locality.


In line with the policy and requirements of DS Group a tailor made training program was designed for the training of youths under DS Group’s CSR  program. It was a two months duration course and under this training program 30 students were to be trained in RACW course followed by certification from ESSCI and subsequent placement.After inauguration ceremony,  the training program started from 15th January 2018. The training is still continuing since there were problems in batch formation. The training techniques remain the same i.e. Theory, Soft skills and  Practical. On every Saturday  weekly tests are conducted followed by feed back session. Based on the test results and the feed back, special attention is paid to weak students and attempt is made to bring them at par with their other fellow students..


There were challenges faced while starting  the training . Firstly, the condition imposed by DS Group for mobilization of students was that they should be from Noida only and simultaneously they should belong to economically weaker section of the society.Secondly and also surprisingly, Noida youths from economically weaker section of the society were reluctant to join the training program even if it is free for them. They prefer to join a low paid job and on the pretext that they are already employed, they don’t come forward and join the Training program which will provide them much more opportunities and better negotiation power with the employers. In-spite of these challenges, the training was started as scheduled.


Training of first batch in progress

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