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PTC India Ltd. (formerly known as Power Trading Corporation of India Limited), was incorporated in 1999 to undertake trading of power. It is a Government of India initiated Public-Private Partnership. Under their CSR police, PTC is taking up CSR activities for Skill Development Training Program on “Promotion of Education, Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment” for females of EWS of Society. They had never taken up CSR Projects in Skill Development Training. A meeting was organised and they were briefed about the advantages of Skill Development training to the youths from weaker section of the society. Various courses were discussed with them and they narrowed down to five courses viz. i) RACW, ii) Solar Panel, iii) Battery Inverter, iv) Office Assistant and v) Receptionist. The selection of Solar Panel course was based upon PTC’s line of business in power sector since training will produce qualified technicians in renewable and clean power resource which is the future of Power sector and other courses were selected to cover the upliftment of  youths from larger cross section of the society.
The duration of training for each course is different, For RACW training the duration of course is 4 months, for Solar Panel the course duration is 2 months, for Battery/ Inverter the course duration is 45 days and for Office Assistant & Receptionist courses the duration is 1 month for each course. The training is to be provided in phased manner. The first batch of students of RACW course started from 11th April 2018. Gradually batches for other courses are being formed and training will start in full swing from different dates in  June 2018.
To meet CSR objectives of PTC we analysed the challenges involved in the job. We were already providing training in RACW and Solar Panel courses but Battery/ Inverter, Office Assistant and Receptionist courses were new to us. Our trainers met the challenge and prepared training materials (PPT, Audio Visuals etc.) for these three new courses. Also mobilisation of students for new courses was another challenge which was successfully met by our marketing team. It gave us lot of satisfaction that we could encompass a wider range of courses through which a large section of youths would be benefitted and would be able to enjoy a respectable status in the society  and earn a reasonably good salary.

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