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Amber Enterprises India Limited (Amber) is a big trading house and operates as a room air conditioner (RAC) original equipment manufacturer/original design manufacturer for various brands in India Amber has been an early adopter of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives. Along with a sustainable development growth, environmental protection, the contribution to the society is also a key factor for holistic business growth. One of the areas considered by Amber for CSR initiatives is PROMOTING EDUCATION :Promoting education of necessitous persons in Rural Areas and Providing vocational skills training to youth of our country which will enhance employment opportunities for them. Since their main business is in the field of Air Conditioners, they were advised to use a part of their CSR funds into producing industry specific skilled manpower and sponsor training in the field of RACW through Care Skills Academy.


The advice clicked and Abmer joined hands with Care Skills Academy which was a well equipped Institute for providing  employment linked Skill Development Training in RACW and rated as no.1 company for the specific training. The training of the first batch of 25 Students started on 11th December 2016 under CSR Project of Amber. Since we had the training material ready with us, with little bit of modifications the tailor made training material was prepared to take care of specific business of Amber and to produce industry specific skilled work force in line with Amber’s requirements. As always, the assessment was carried out by ESSCI approved agency  and certificates for the job role of “Field Engineer RACW” were issued and, thereafter,  100% placement was achieved.


The Academy was already equipped with  Trainers drawn from Industries, class rooms with modern training equipment, Lab facilities equipped with Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Washing Machines and their Jigs and the training material, there was no problem in starting the training of first batch of Amber from 11th December 2016. Delighted by the success rate in terms of certification and placement, Amber asked Care Skills Academy to continue with providing training to more batches of students and explore the possibility of training at other places also. Accordingly, training for one batch was organized at Academy’s  Sambhal  branch and training of other batch  was organized at Varanasi Branch of Academy. Our relationship with Amber is continuing.


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“I have found Care Skills Academy to be very helpful and knowledgeable to us for to get trained skilled resource. They are the best skill training institute.”

Sanjay Arora

Amber Enterprises

Care Skills Academy

#1 AC Repair Training Institute


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